A fisherman who was kayaking on the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend made a very unusual catch, a dog swimming for his life off the Siesta Key coast.

If you're as much a dog lover as me, watch this You Tube video. I promise you it has a happy ending. This is one lucky dog and one very nice fisherman!

What initially seemed like a bizarre rescue actually took place following a horrific tragedy, when a drunk driver fatally struck the dog's owner in a hit-and-run accident approximately one mile from the shore, according to ABC Action News.

Authorities told the local Patch that they found Donna Chen, 53, face down on the pavement that afternoon, while her dog, Barney, was nowhere to be seen.

Police said that the suspected driver, Blake Talman, was fleeing another crash scene when his Nissan Altima spun out of control, striking Chen and Barney, as well as some landscaping, a street sign, a telephone line, and several wooden poles lining the entrance to a church, according tot he Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

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