fishing in a lake
Mikael Damkier/ThinkStock/TSM

Now that most of the outdoor world is focused on ducks and bucks, it's an opportunity to get out on our local waters for some great fall fishing.

Even though I like to hunt as well, the fall fishing can be so special mainly because you don't have to compete with a bunch of other anglers. You pretty much have the water to yourself which means less pressured fish.

The fall is also the time of the year when bass go through a feeding frenzy as they fatten up for the winter.

Bass tend to get an aggressive attitude this time of the year and will attack anything from a top to bottom. As the fall progresses, bass tend to migrate to the backs of coves and up creeks isolating them and saving you a lot of time trying to locate fish.

So get out and take advantage of some of the best fishing of the year while all the hunters are getting ready for bucks and ducks. Till next time, keep your hooks wet and your gun powder dry!

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