The Arkansas Razorbacks had to come from behind 18 points to beat the Texas A&M Aggies in a nail biter until the very end.


The final score,  Arkansas 42-38 over the Aggies IN ARLINGTON!  This was a game you couldn't leave for the kitchen or the bathroom.

Arkansas recovered their own fumble in the end zone for a touchdown during the fourth quarter.

Razorbacks Quarterback  Tyler Wilson set a school record, throwing for 510 yards.  Arkansas was down by 18 points at half-time.  I would imagine some were already leaving the stands.

But the faithful stayed to watch their hawgs come back.  The cries of  "Woo Pig, Suey Pig!" could be heard all over the ArkLaTex this weekend.

The exciting match up comes just after news that the Aggies will be joining the Southeastern Conference next year.   It's good news  to me because I've always felt the SEC was the best conference.

Consider this historical fact:  the last five  national championship games were won by SEC teams (Auburn in 2010) (Alabama in 2009) (Florida, 2008) (LSU in 2007) (Florida in 2006).   The  LSU Tigers won their first national championship since 1958 in 2003.

My pick for SEC champ this year is LSU after they beat Alabama on November 5th.

Then,  it would be possible for the Tigers to take the national title again this year.

Currently,  in the AP Top 25 -  LSU is No. 1,  Alabama is No. 2, and Oklahoma is No. 3.



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