The Saints' playoff chances are in the hands of others at this point. A lot needs to happen for the Saints to make the playoffs. One is to win out for the remainder of the season. And one game that is glaring on the schedule is the Eagles. The Saints play the Eagles on January 1st. Well, today it was reported that Jalen Hurts suffered a sprain on his shoulder and is in question for this weekend's game against the Cowboys.

With the Eagles essentially locking up the 1 seed and their division the need to play Hurts for this week and the remainder of the regular season comes into question. The Saints may have just received some luck in the sense that they may not face Hurts when the Saints face Philly. And if that's the case the Saints' chances of making the playoffs gain some traction.

The Saints will still need more to happen however this may be the snowball that gets them into the playoffs.

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