Bad news for Who Dat Nation today.

Ever since Drew Brees went down following a monstrous hit last night, Saints fans have been collectively holding their breath.

The most optimistic Saints fans could have watched the game last night with hopes that Brees' injury was nothing major. After all, he ran the offense for their final drive going into the half, after the big hit, albeit in major pain and discomfort. Even though he did not play in the second half, Brees remained in uniform and on the sidelines as his Saints marched on to victory.

Now, most realistic Saints fans could tell by his body language during the second half, as well as his overall demeanor during his post-game, that this injury was very major, and Drew knew it. He seemed both angry and sad during his post-game press conference, while insinuating that he believed he, in fact, fractured multiple ribs.

Today, we know know exactly what Drew is dealing with, although his timeline to return is still a little blurry.

According to ESPN, Brees suffered multiple rib fractures on both sides of his chest and a collapsed lung on the right side. ESPN's source claims that Brees has, "Three fractured ribs on his left side and two on the right, possibly more."

Interestingly, according to ESPN's source, several of his fractured ribs are believed to have occurred in last week's game against Tampa Bay.

As of right now, there is no clear-cut timeline for Drew to return. We will update this story if/when a timeline becomes available.



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