The Dude Perfect crew have a made a nice living with trick shot videos on Youtube. Basketball, frisbees, and footballs. So with all of the football trick shots, you knew there were going to be some NFL arms that wanted in on that.

Enter The Dragon...or the greatest New Orleans Saint ever, Drew Brees.

The guys has one of the most accurate arms in the history of the NFL, so putting that guy on a field with a trick shot crew is bound to lead to magic. The video doesn't disappoint.

Not only does Brees show is arm strength, accuracy, power, and...well, I guess, majesty. He fires these rockets into basketball hoops, skeets, and targets. At one point, the guys head to the highest point in the Superdome, and hit a basketball hoop from there.

They also get Coach Sean Payton in on the act to play the game Speak Out and Name That Tune. Oh, and the gum gimmick with Coach Payton is pretty solid too.

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