After plenty of rumors and innuendos, Drew Brees says he's coming back for one more season. Well, at least according to Adam Schefter...

It's been unknown if Brees would return, after a disappointing end to the 2019 season with a home playoff loss. In addition to the difficult end to the season, Brees dealt with a serious thumb injury, and signs of aging during the season.

Brees will be a free agent, but it's likely he will resign with the New Orleans Saints.

For the Saints, it could be important news, considering the teams two backup quarterbacks, Taysom Hill and Teddy Bridgewater, are both without contracts as well. Hill has commented that he believes his time in New Orleans may be over, and Bridgewater may have earned a starting spot on another team with his play while Brees was out.

Now for Brees and the Saints, the contract will be the next step.

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