It's been all over the news, internet and television. The story about the Obama supporter who is voting for him because he is giving away free cell phones. Obama appears to be holding an iPhone.

Watch the Obamaphone Lady Remix (Bananaphone Parody) video.


The video above was produced by the David Madeira Show, a talk radio show on The Big Talker, and I applaud them for such an excellent job. You have to admit it is very well edited.

The original video below is of a news reporter talking with that brilliant Obama supporter who boasts of having a free Obamaphone. Thank goodness the video has captions so we can understand what she's saying.

Is the Obamaphone real?

The answer is yes! I checked this out for myself and you can too.

There are over 12 million Americans with free cell phones, these Obamaphones if you will. These people who have the free Obamaphone get 250 free minutes per month and that's not all. They get a bonus,  if they sign somebody else up, somebody else for free!

What is going on here? So, if you have a free Obamaphone and you sign up more people to get a free Obamaphone our government will bonus you for finding more people to give phones to for free. Couldn't this go on forever? I wonder if this deal will end after the election?

I'm not making this up folks, there is a website called, and you can thank Rush Limbaugh for posting this information on his website. Check out the Obamaphone website and see if you can find answers to your questions.

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