So the NBA trade deadline came and went, and the New Orleans Pelicans couldn't pull the trigger on one of the easiest trades in NBA history.

The franchise is well aware that their greatest player ever, Anthony Davis, wants to win. He has made it clear that he's given the Pelicans every chance to help him win over the last 7 seasons, and he's not willing to do it anymore.

The Pels made one or two legit shots at getting AD a winning team, but they're dismantled those pieces quickly after building it each time.

This time around, Davis is 100% gone once his contract is up. Which is pretty incredible to think about, considering the Pelicans are the only team who could offer him the biggest contract in NBA history. He's willing to give up millions for a chance to win.

Everyone in the sports world is aware that Davis will be heading to Los Angeles to join the Lakers, whether its through a trade, or as his contract expires. He will be in LA.

So if the whole NBA knows that AD will be in LA by 2021, then they know they'd only be trading for a rental player if they wanted to swing a deal with Nola. Which is why most teams didn't even try to offer a trade for him before the deadline last week.

But the Lakers did.

They offered a huge package of players and draft picks to try and kick start the AD and LeBron West Coast Party. On Monday the Lakers offered a package of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, as well as a pair of first round draft picks. Additionally the trade offered salary-cap relief through the Lakers willingness to take on bad contracts that are on the Pelicans books.

That trade deal essentially equals out 5 first round draft picks. Ball, Ingram, and Kuzma are all first rounders, and two additional picks would give the Pelicans a massive young nucleus.

But some tried to argue that other teams would offer more in the off-season...which just doesn't make sense.

Teams like Boston and Toronto know that AD will be leaving them for the Lakers after next season, so they're getting a one season rental. They're not about to give up their best young players, or first rounds picks to do that. The Lakers will also be ready to offer less as well. They were prepared to give the whole franchise away to get LeBron and AD going NOW. They wanted him for this year's playoff push. But now, why would they give up a treasure chest of 5 first round picks when they're no longer negotiating against time? Truth is, they won't.

The whole trade disaster is a perfect example of WHY Anthony Davis wants out of the franchise in the first place. The team has the ability to change their future for the next 6-7 seasons in exchange for a player who has already said he's leaving.

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