NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is known for having ice water in his veins. I mean he does play north of the Arctic Circle, right? Okay, maybe Rodgers isn't such a cool cucumber as his insurance commercials would lead you to believe. Apparently, Mr. Rodgers let something slip that wasn't supposed to be said just yet during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show. 

Rodgers, considered by many to be one of the most intellectual quarterbacks in the NFL, has long been a fan of the game show Jeopardy! In fact, Rodgers even made an appearance on a celebrity edition of the show back in 2015.

However, yesterday Rodgers let it slip that he would be coming back to the popular TV game show. But this time he wouldn't be a contestant, he would be appearing as a guest host.

A representative for the producers of Jeopardy! could not confirm Rodgers's statement. In fact, Rodgers himself recanted the claim a little later. In his comments reported by ESPN, Rodgers said he "may have jumped the gun a little bit". He did apologize to the Jeopardy! producers for his misstep.

He also went on to say the Jeopardy! is a regular staple in his home. He loves the game and he plays every night that he gets the chance. Well, he plays like you and I play, along with the TV every chance he gets.

Rodgers also commented in the ESPN article about the longtime host of the popular show Alex Trebek. Rodgers compared meeting Trebek to meeting other broadcasting greats like Keith Jackson, Pat Summerall, and John Madden. So he, like many of us, was saddened to hear of Trebek's passing in November of last year.

So, when will Aarong Rogers be on Jeopardy!? We don't know since we can neither confirm nor deny his appearance. (BUZZER) What is He will appear during an upcoming round of Celebrity Jeopardy! later this year? If Alex Trebek was here he'd say, "That's correct, it's still your turn".

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