Detroit Lions Quarterback, David Blough, was unable to be in Tokyo to witness his wife, Melissa Gonzalez, and her efforts to medal in the 400m hurdle event during this year's Olympics. Instead, he and his team cheered Gonzalez on from training camp and the video is awesome.

Twitter via @BradGalli
Twitter via @BradGalli

While David Blough prepared for the upcoming NFL season at Detroit Lions training camp, across the world in Tokyo there was another competition happening. Blough's wife, Melissa Gonzalez, was representing Columbia in the 400m Women's hurdles.

As Gonzalez lined up for the race that would qualify her for the finals, Blough and his teammates watched on a projector inside of the Detroit Lions facility. Many of the QB's teammates sat around him as Blough anxiously waited for the race to begin.


Things got tight as Women from across the country pushed towards the finish line, as you can see Blough willing his wife across the finish line in time to qualify for the semi-finals event.


A massive fist pump was followed by celebration and Blough pointing toward his teammates in the room as a sign of thank you for their support.


Blough looked toward his wife, who had just took her next step towards becoming an Olympic medalist.


See the full video from @BradGalli via Twitter below.

Clearly an emotional moment for Blough, he told the media about entire experience and you can see that clip here.

With many of his teammates and coaching staff for the Lions taking the time to help cheer on Gonzalez, Blough was very emotional about the entire situation.

It must have been tough enough for the quarterback to not be there in person for his wife's big moment, but this seems to be a pretty good consolation.

Here is another angle, with a side-by-side of Gonzalez' race and Blough's reaction via @OnHerTurf on Twitter.

Congrats to Gonzalez on moving forward. She clearly has a loving support system, with her husband bringing all of the energy he could back home in the United States.

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