It was the train wreck that you couldn't stop staring at.

Former NBA great Dennis Rodman appeared on CNN last night and gave one of the most bizarre interviews of all time surrounding the historic summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un.

The summit ended with Kim Jong Un making a promise to work on denuclearizing and Trump vowing to end "war games" with South Korea.

But somehow, Rodman managed to steal the show.

Donning a red MAGA hat and sunshades, Dennis Rodman went on for roughly 20 minutes in an interview that got very emotional about halfway through, detailing his relationship with Kim and the backlash he faced for visiting North Korea to meet with the dictator many years ago.

To his credit, Rodman is one of the only people who has met both leaders—having made several trips to North Korea and appearing on Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" television show. He made the trip to North Korea ahead of the summit, but wasn't scheduled or "invited in an official capacity."

As tears rolled down his face, Rodman emotionally recalled his return home after his first visit to North Korea as well as the criticism and backlash he experienced.

Everybody came at me and I am still standing. And today is a great day for everybody. I'm so happy.

Do we owe Rodman a pat on the back for the historic summit? Or is it just a coincidence that he has met both of the world leaders?

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