To say that Deadpool was a box-office hit is slightly understating things, so it’s no surprise that that execs are hoping to get into business with the man behind the Merc With a Mouth, Rob Liefeld — well, one exec, specifically: Akiva Goldsman. After securing the rights to develop (and possibly direct) an adaptation of Liefeld’s Avengelyne series, Goldsman has acquired rights to another Liefeld property, and this time his plans are a bit more ambitious.

The Wrap reports that Goldsman is teaming up with Fundamental Films to bring Liefeld’s Extreme Universe to the big screen. It seems that Goldsman learned a thing or two from the Transformers and Hasbro writers’ rooms (the latter of which he’s still overseeing for Paramount), as he’s putting together a similar creative think tank for Extreme Universe with the hopes of turning the project into a “multi-film franchise.”

There are nine titles and dozens of characters in the series, including Badrock, Bloodstrike, Brigade, Youngblood and Avengelyne — though it’s unclear if Goldsman wants to incorporate the latter into his latest plan. That’s a pretty big sandbox for Goldsman to play in, and should the first film land with audiences, a larger franchise is entirely possible. But crafting a blockbuster that’s A. successful, B. elicits interest and excitement for future films and C. actually good is ambitious work, and much of Extreme Universe’s franchise potential depends on Goldsman’s approach.

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