If you don't have anything to say, sometimes you should really just say nothing at all.

It's literally logic from a Disney character, but somehow people have a hard time following it. I guess since we live in a time where keyboard commandos feel like they can say anything they want from behind the safety of their home computers or smartphones, we should be used to this by now—but do we really have to tolerate it?

A Channel 8 viewer in Dallas had an issue with traffic anchor Demetria Obilor's wardrobe and took to Facebook to air her grievances over the anchor being a "size 16/18 in a size 6 dress."


Jan Shedd's post quickly went viral, but for all the wrong reasons as she soon realized there were more people against her viewpoint than those who sided with her shallow observation.

Even Chance the Rapper chimed in.

Jan may not plan on watching Channel 8 anymore, but plenty of new viewers are looking forward to tuning in to catch her show.

Obilor noticed the love and definitely showed gratitude for the support.

Moral of the story: Jan is big mad. Don't be like Jan.

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