Today is National Left-handers Day, and if you are celebrating, the following struggles will seem all too familiar.

As a right-handed earthling who is slightly ambidextrous, I'm privileged to live in a world where most things are built for my convenience. I asked the left-handers around the office about the inconveniences that come with being left-handed and I was surprised to hear about so many daily struggles.

Here are some of the best ones:

1. Cup-holders in cars aren't made for you, and the ones in the door "arent' worth a crap."

2. Adjustable wrenches are backward.

3. All doorknobs are on the "wrong side."

4. Manual can openers are a challenge.

5. Any yard trimmer spins the "wrong" way, leaving left-handers covered with grass clippings.

6. Refrigerators are always awkward to open.

7. Microwaves were made with buttons on the right.

8. You have to be careful not to sit to the right of a right-handed person at a table.

9. Screwdrivers.

10. Scissors.

11. Trying to write anything in a three-ring binder.

12. Writing on chalkboards smears the chalk.

13. Writing with gel pens smears the ink.

14. Writing in marker smears the marker.

15. Using a ballpoint pen at a public counter will usually never work because so many right-handed people hold the pen a certain way and it wears the ball on one side. 

16. Toilet paper roll in the bathroom is always on the "wrong" side.

17. Pens on electronic signing pad.

18. School desks were built for right-handed people.

19. Number pads on the keyboard are on the right side.

20. Shaking hands.

21. Swiping your debit/credit cards.

Are you part of the 10% when it comes to left-handers? Do these struggles hit home for you? Are there any missing?

Feel free to add your struggles in the comment and hopefully, you enjoyed National Left-handers Day!

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