WWE's celebration surrounding the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw is leading to some pretty sweet things. We've seen a lot of Attitude Era love, and some super old school throwbacks to 1993. But there's a nice little pocket of nostalgia magic in the "Ruthless Aggression" era too.

The "Ruthless Aggression" era is generally defined as being from 2002-2008. For me, this was actually my personal "dark period" in wrestling. (I've found a lot of wrestling fans experience a dark period in their life, where other things take over their lives. Careers, relationships, college, kids, and other life-changing events lead to people taking time off the product.) So I missed a lot of this era in real-time. But this Raw 25 celebration has actually given me a chance to see a lot of this era for the first time in long form.

Thanks to the WWE Network, I can go back and watch FULL Monday Night Raw episodes from 2005, 2007, or 2008. I've taken full advantage of this over the last couple weeks.

Being that I've been elbow deep in the "Ruthless Aggression" era, I was super pumped to see the opening redone with today's superstars. Though one of the interesting things is how many of the "old school" guys you see in here, that could have (or where) in the original. Shots of Goldust and Kane didn't go unnoticed by me!

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