Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ Opened in the Old Habaneros Spot in Shreveport in August of 2021.

The Menu was fun and the restaurant was on a mission to bring all kinds of goodness to town. It wasn't just about hot dogs and bbq, the restaurant had a massive beer wall which made it a really fun experience. The beer wall was one of those serve-yourself types of situations and who doesn't want to feel like their own bartender, in my case I liked the experience of pouring my own beer.

Crave Hot Dogs Hosted Trivia Nights and Made It Feel Like a Family Night Every Night.

Crave had one of those kids eat free nights and parents would flock to Crave to save some money, lets's be real what kid doesn't love burgers and hot dogs? Also what parent doesn't love to save money and save money when they go out to eat?


Crave Hot Dogs was located at 7041 Youree Dr, Shreveport, LA 71105.


A Friend Called Me Asking When Crave Shut Down.

When did Crave Hot Dogs and BBQ shut down? Was it overnight? The eatery is gutted, there is no sign that there ever was a restaurant there. It's almost as if the place never existed.

What Eatery Would You Like to See Move Into the Old Crave Spot?

Keep in mind there is already a burger spot next door. What eatery could thrive in that area?

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