The WWE announced that they will be returning to Bossier City for a Saturday night show on January 7th. The show will be with the Smackdown Live team, and the advertised wrestlers include AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Nikkie Bella, and Becky Lynch. But after this week on WWE's Smackdown Live show, another name might be included on that list.

Tuesday night, WWE brought back one of the biggest names in the history of pro wrestling, The Undertaker. A man who can stop 20,000 people in one second, and command an entire arena's attention.

Undertaker has spent the last few years primarily participating in pay-per-views, mainly Wrestlemania, but after his appearance this week, it sounds like he's coming back with a regular schedule. Some rumors say he'll be back regularly for a year, other say it will only be until Wrestlemania.

But now we're left wondering, if he's back to a regular schedule, and he's with team Smackdown, will he be coming to Bossier City in January?

The idea behind the rumor is that Taker will need more ring reps to get into regular competitive conditioning, and since his first big match could be the Royal Rumble on January 29th, he'll need as much work as he can get. Being that the Bossier date is on January 7th, it's plausible that he could work a match that night as part of his training.

Maybe WWE will put us out of our rumor/speculation-misery by simply announcing whether or not Taker will participate in "house shows", or if he will be strictly on TV. Either way, the best bet is to buy your tickets now, instead of getting shut out the night of.

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