Townsquare Media IT Director Troy Jones talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about ShotSpotter technology, a digital gunfire locator system that detects and forward to law enforcement the location of gunfire using acoustic sensors, as well as a combination of such sensors.

Caddo Parish Commissioner Steven Jackson has proposed spending around $1 million on the installation of the ShotSpotter system to assist local law enforcement officials in fighting Shreveport's recent rash of gun crime.

Jones tells KEEL listeners that ShotSpotter "is one of the only worldwide gun fire recognition programs, Basically, the idea is that they put microphones throughout an area, mostly on high-rise buildings. The outdoor acoustic sensors identify and time stamp (gunfire). The system then triangulates the sound, confirms that it's actually gunfire with thirty to forty five seconds after trigger pull, then sends a push notification to law enforcement.

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