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It was well worth the wait. The glorious return of CyPhaCon in Lake Charles was a record breaking event.

CyPhaCon is Lake Charles' comic con style event. The 2022 edition was a historic anniversary, celebrating the 10th event in their history. It was a show that had to be delayed multiple times due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

But this year, the show was back, and bigger than ever.

CyPhaCon had record breaking attendance for this year's show. With thousands of fans packing the Lake Charles Civic Center. The fans came out to meet celebrity guests like Doug Jones, Tim Russ, Patricia Tallman, and many more. From all accounts, the celebrities were just as excited to meet the fans, as ticket buyers were to meet them. With a ton of great stories online about how wonderful and personable Doug Jones was with fans.

But it wasn't just the celebrities having a great time. Cosplayers were out in force at CyPhaCon 2022. With cosplayers touching on all kinds of fandoms. Including Marvel cosplays, anime, video games, sci-fi, and more. The cosplay was incredible, and thankfully can share a little with you here.

CyPhaCon had their official photographer Kurz Photography taking tons of great cosplay photos over the weekend. Here are some of the great shots they caught during an insane weekend in Lake Charles:

Official Photos From CyPhaCon 2022

Here are some of the official pictures from CyPhaCon 2022 from their official photographer Kurz Photography

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