Your lawn and landscape play a very important role in the ecosystem of your local environment.

  • Grass reduces carbon dioxide (a known greenhouse gas) by converting it to oxygen.
  • The temperature of a lush, green lawn is 14 degrees cooler, on average, than a bare patch of soil.
  • Grass roots will actually act as a filter for water that’s penetrating the soil. This will reduce contaminants in runoff water before they make their way into the aquifers.
  • Grass actually provides a habitat for insects and birds feed on them – with less grass, there would be fewer bugs, but there would also be fewer birds.
  • With Conserva, your irrigation system can use 40 – 60% less water thus saving your lawn, saving your wallet, and making an environmental impact.

The Importance of Saving Water Outside
We see and hear about water conservation all the time in the media and in marketing. Typically, we hear about water efficiency that is directed at the appliances in your home. The reality is you can conserve more water by aiming your efforts outside. It is true that every bit counts and a low-flow toilet or an eco-friendly washing machine certainly helps with water use. However, without a doubt the biggest user of water at your home is your lawn irrigation system.

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