He's still talking.

Conor McGregor, who lost to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, is now saying that he was injured prior to the fight.

In the video below, McGregor says that he had stress fractures in his leg prior to entering the cage.

He says that he took many precautions prior to the fight to protect himself, and at one point there was consideration to postpone his fight with Poirier.

As you know by now, McGregor suffered a gruesome injury at the end of Round 1 in his fight with Dustin, and the fight was stopped.

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McGregor does admit in the video here that he'd have never gone under the knife had this injury not happened, but he reportedly now has a titanium rod in the lower portion of the leg that broke.

Will he ever step back in the Octagon? Well, that remains to be seen, but Dustin Poirier did say that he and McGregor would fight again someday.

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Here is what McGregor is now saying about his injury and pre-fight preparations.

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