Walking through the mall I saw so many children lining up and so excited to take a photo with the man in the red suit. You get to sit on Santa's lap and ask for anything under the sun, and BAM! Your wish sits there, under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I was tempted to get in line and pay the $20 just to sit on Santa's lap and ask for 7 Million dollars. Santa makes miracles happen right? I stopped and watched a little boy have a meltdown. This 2 year old was not having it. He was squirming and crying trying to get out of the creepy bearded mans hold. The toddlers parents were put on front street, the mom looked embarrassed, but the dad just laughed and probably thought to himself "This is the best Christmas fail!".

Did your kid have a meltdown during pictures with Santa? Did a family photo get ruined because of that uncle who never shows up on time and didn't know there was a theme? Send us your Christmas fails! Post a photo in the comments below.

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