If you've watched sports in the last few years, chances are, you've seen athletes perform the "Griddy" dance.

Created by Louisiana's own Allen “Griddy” Davis, the dance took off nationally in 2020 when Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson did the Griddy into the endzone on a long touchdown.

From there, athletes from around the country began to Griddy, as the dance continues to grow in pop culture.

Jefferson even became the first professional athlete to be featured on the globally successful video game FORTNITE, and of course, he does the Griddy.

As with any dance, some are better at it than others.

Basketball Hall of Famer and Emmy Award-winning analyst Charles Barkley attempted the Griddy on "Inside The NBA" last night during a break. Hilarity ensued.

As Shaq pointed out, perhaps Barkley has his own spinoff of the Griddy called the Pigeon.

Sir Charles's attempt at the Griddy is somehow worse than his golf swing.

In all seriousness, it's been awesome seeing the Griddy spread through pop culture, and the creator of the dance get the credit he deserves.

Ever wonder what inspired the Griddy? Do you need any tips on how to do it? (Barkley does)

Norman Locke, formerly of ESPN Lafayette, talked to Allen “Griddy” Davis in the early stages of the Griddy's growth in popularity.

Several weeks ago, Davis taught new LSU head football coach Brian Kelly the dance.

It doesn't look like the Griddy is slowing down anytime soon. Now if we can just teach Barkley how to properly do it.

Considering he fixed that atrocious golf swing, I guess anything is possible.

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