Believe it or not, this did not happen in Louisiana, although it totally sounds like a Louisiana story.

When I initially stumbled across the story, I had a ton of questions after only reading the title. Of course, the first question was where could this possibly happen? My next question was why was this allowed to happen? My third question was WHAT THE HELL????????

Luckily, a short read later and all of my questions were answered.

Believe it or not, this happen in Boston, Massachusetts where the state is apparently dealing with a bus shortage somehow. I feel like I see a school bus every two seconds in Shreveport, so we may have many problems, but a shortage of buses is not one of them.

Brooke Charter School in Boston scheduled a field trip to an undisclosed location for their 11th graders, but at the last moment, their charter company cancelled. That left school officials in an odd position, now not having a way to get their students to their field trip. They thought quick and booked a stripper bus. Yes. You read that correctly. Instead of rescheduling the field trip, or finding literally any other way to transport their students, the school booked a stripper bus.

The bus was equipped with a stripper pole and decked with neon lights.

A teacher from the school tweeted a photo of his students in the bus with the caption, "When you promise hundreds of kids a fun day with their advisories, you make it happen.” He has since deleted that tweet and photo.

So, Shreveport-Bossier parents; How would you react if your student's school put him/her ina stripper bus to go on a field trip?


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