A day after announcing he was leaving CBS Sports, Tim Brando talked to Tim Fletcher about why he and the network were parting ways.

"I would be lying to you if I told you that my show on the CBS Sports Network being cancelled abruptly didn't speed up the process," Brando explained to The Tim Fletcher Show on 1130 The Tiger.  "It may have, but it was not the reason for our mutual parting of ways."

Brando explained that it was a matter if different ideas of where the sportscaster was going to end up within the network.

"I had to look at the landscape at where I was and project myself and see where I was going to go," the sportscaster recounted.  "I didn't see any movement for me.  I saw myself in a stagnant and the same role and I really don't want to do that anymore.  I want to get out there, smell it, call it, be a part of it."

And looking at his situation at CBS in the present, what it looked like it was going to be in the future, and what he thought he was capable of doing, Brando said it was time for a change.

"I project myself to a ceiling that I don't believe they project me at and I had to come to terms with that," said Brando.

But the Shreveport native isn't terribly concerned with what his future will be.

"There is a lot of movement in our industry right now," Brando told Tim Fletcher.  "There are brand new networks, expanding networks, ones that are expected to launch in August, and I wanted to put my name in the hat for the shuffling of the deck."

Brando also spoke about how great of a career he's had so far and looked back at when he was growing up here in Shreveport.

"I grew up, I was going to school at Fair Park, if you had said to me, 'Gosh, I'm going to get to throw it to Dan Rather for a news update from the CBS desk in college football' I would have said you are out of your mind, but I got to do that," shared the Shreveport resident.

Luckily, for all parties involved in the split, the move is being done on good terms with everyone walking away satisfied.

"I had a contract that was through August.  It's being honored," said Brando on 1130 The Tiger.  "They've been really nice to me at CBS from a business point of view, fundamentally, and orchestrating this exit.  They've been great to my guys that work with me on the show, on my Brando show.  Everyone's contract's been honored and we are very happy and pleased with that.  I couldn't be happier that I am parting amicably from a 'Tiffany network' like CBS."

And it is not like the veteran broadcaster is just sitting on the sideline.  Brando semi-joked with Tim Fletcher that he was actually calling in from Shreveport "International" Airport to head to North Carolina to cover the Wake Forest-NC State ACC basketball match-up tonight.   He said he's been doing for a while in between everything else he was doing for CBS and other gigs.

He noted one key for personal and financial success in the broadcasting business:

"I've told a lot of other young broadcasters it's good to have W-2s coming from several locations," Brando shared with Fletcher.  "You never know when one might go away so you need to have a little back up."

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