In 2017, Bossier Parish Sheriffs Office announced their intention to install 44 license plate readers at different intersections across the parish.  So far, only 12 are up and running.  Despite the installation phase of the program going slower than expected, the readers that are functional have racked up an impressive milestone - over 8,000 tickets written for uninsured motorists!

Critics say this kind random screening is invasive, but uninsured drivers cost insured drivers $2.6 Billion every year.  The license plate readers run the scanned plates for insurance against the state-wide database.  If no insurance is found, a citation is mailed to the address on file.  The fine for motorists caught without the state-mandated minimum insurance is $200.

According to the Advocate, the readers also help search for license plates attached to vehicles that authorities are searching for.  When an all points bulletin or an Amber Alert is issued, these electronic eyes keep a steady lookout for the vehicle in question.

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