A Louisiana city is named the #1 city to retire in, according to a study from Home Bay.

The data looks at several factors, including the number of residents above age 60 and the number of Medicare providers for residents. New Orleans is the number 1 place to retire in the U.S.

The report says "New Orleans ranks as our No. 1 retirement city because of its affordability. Louisiana doesn't tax Social Security benefits and has income-level limits on tax rates for 401(k), IRA, and pension distributions."

What Areas Did this Study Check Out?

Easy access to health care.

The housing market. How expensive is it to own or rent a home in this city.

Average state sales tax compared with other states.

The average cost of basic utilities.

The average cost of a monthly public transit.

Overall cost of living.

Quality of life including walkability, recreation and seasonal weather.

The Top 10 Best Retirement Cities Are:

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana
  2. Birmingham, Alabama
  3. Louisville, Kentucky
  4. St. Louis, Missouri
  5. Denver, Colorado
  6. Richmond, Virginia
  7. Tampa, Florida
  8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  9. Miami, Florida
  10. Nashville, Tennessee

What Cities Are the Worst for Retirees?

  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  2. Riverside, California
  3. Sacramento, California
  4. Detroit, Michigan
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. San Diego, California
  7. Phoenix, Arizona
  8. Buffalo, New York
  9. Boston, Massachusetts
  10. Salt Lake City, Utah

The study also says New Orleans has an estimated annual property tax rate of 0.7% compared to 1.2% in the average city in this study which is 43% lower than the average rate. The data also shows that nearly 21% of the population of New Orleans is over age 60.

Another selling point for New Orleans is the rich culture. The study says "It will come as no surprise that New Orleans' rich culture is one of the main draws for retirees. New Orleans earned a perfect recreation score of 100, which is 29% higher than the average metro in our study."

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