More mousse? More conditioner? Try more flames.

Check out this three-alarm video of a barber cutting a customer's hair by using fire. Yeah, he sets the dude's hair on fire, thanks to some sort of flammable powder. He then brushes the flames out of the hair while a crowd of onlookers -- perhaps a few volunteer firefighters among them? -- watch in awe.

Amazingly, the customer sits calmly in his chair, whereas someone else a little more sensitive to being turned into a human Bunsen burner would be apt to say, "Hey," "Ouch" or "What the heck are you doing to me, you crazy barber?"

And let's not even discuss how much you should tip. What exactly is the right gratuity for a man who sets you ablaze? Ten percent? Twenty? Seriously, we have no idea.

We're not exactly sure where or when this happened, either -- the video's description succinctly only says, "Haircut the Pakistani style."

And different though the technique may be, it's not totally different. A hairstylist in Spain went viral in 2015 after he demonstrated the art of using flames while doing someone's coif.

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