According to KTBS, a Benton Middle school student has been released from a local hospital after being electrically shocked around 11:30 am yesterday morning (Thursday) while students were playing soccer on an athletic field.  Someone kicked the ball under an electrified fence that went around the neighboring field.  A seventh-grade student attempted to retrieve the ball, and was shocked on the neck.  School officials were unaware the fence was electrified, and no warning signs or flags were posted.

The teachers who were monitoring the P.E. classes on the field checked the boy's vital signs and took him to the office. After complaining of nausea, 911 was called and the boy was transported to the hospital where he was evaluated and released"

- Sonja Bailes, Public Relations Liaison for Bossier Schools.

Officials plan to place flags around the field's perimeter immediately, and will warn students not to cross it. The landowner will also be contacted as per school policy.

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