Apparently bad tempers run in the family. Former LSU Coach Nick Saban's daughter has been sued by a sorority sister over a Facebook post after a night of partying and drinking.

Saban Angry

The lawsuit was filed late last month in T-Town by Sarah Grimes, who was Kristen Saban's pledge sister. Both girls are students at the University of Alabama. The suit claims the two girls were playing a drinking game with friends and got into a fight with each other after Kristen posted on Facebook that no one liked Grimes. The incident happened in August of last year.

The suit says Grimes had to have surgery on her nose and psychological counseling. It says Saban's daughter was required to take an anger management class.

Kristen Saban




It's another reason to hate Nick Saban. Here are some videos that caught Kristen's father throwing temper tantrums and hitting football players.

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