Audi is known for being among the big three of German luxury automakers, so it makes sense that they would go all out in the latest of leaked Super Bowl 2014 commercials. This car commercial features an animal revving through the streets that is as pretty as it is powerful. It's cute, it's ruthless, it's a fashion accessory and it's a trophy breed -- meet the Doberhuahua!

Audi puts together versatility and strength into the designs of their automobiles, and the Doberhuahua brings this concept to the redline. In trying to convey this message to the public, Audi's newest Super Bowl commercial features a canine that was made by putting together the fashionable qualities of a chihuahua and the power of a doberman pinscher. And the chaos that ensues as a result of this rare breed is downright hilarious. The Doberhuahua might look as weird as Jim Carrey's dog, Milo, in 'The Mask', but we still love him for it.

One could argue that the ridiculousness of the Doberhuahua and the panic it inspires is meant to be Audi's critique on hybrid vehicles, but we have a feeling that this hound is meant to promote the idea that Audi vehicles are a ferocious mix of what car buyers particularly want in terms of size, power and looks. Audi is also saying that you should not always try to compromise when buying a car hunting, which is meant to encourage people to go that extra mile into their savings account for a luxury vehicle. The Doberhuahua is like a pug; he has that perfect blend of ugliness and cuteness that just captivates us all, even Sarah McLachlan.

Expect to see the Doberhuahua during the first commercial break of the Super Bowl's third quarter. Stay tuned as we continue to provide more leaked Super Bowl 2014 commercials as they hit the Internet.

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