In T-Mobile's Super Bowl 2014 ad, Tim Tebow proves that he can still amaze his fans without having a contract or his signature pose.

T-Mobile's Super Bowl commercial starts off with Tebow doing bicep curls as he starts talking to the camera. He claims that everyone thinks he would like a contract, but he has had a plethora of amazing accomplishments during this past year without one. The commercial then starts going through a montage of amazing scenarios where Tim Tebow is at the center of each event.

First, Tebow is helping a woman in labor deliver her baby like he was calling a play during a football game. Tim starts shouting audibles indicating that he is in charge as he hilariously mentions the nervous father. After the hospital, Tebow tries to tackle the unknown, which is personified by Bigfoot in this case. Tim even tries his hand at stand-up comedy, professional chess and bull riding. Tebow takes a selfie with the tackled Bigfoot to add in more hilarity. Getting more elaborate and over-the-top, Tim rescues two puppies from a burning building, headlines a Kiss-inspired rock concert, does a 'Dukes of Hazard'-like car jump and then moves on to otherworldly achievements.

The ad caps off with Tebow bringing about world peace at a global conference. Afterwards, he goes to space, where he throws a football that circles around the moon and back into his arms as a receiver. Sure, a lot of us are trying to forget Tim Tebow's recent run with the Patriots, but the final scene of this commercial reminds us what a stand-up guy Tebow really is.

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