Here in the Shreveport/ Bossier City area there are tons of legends and stories, but the do not end here. All over the Ark-La-Tex you can find stories that spark the curiosity for the unknown.

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Killough Massacre Monument of Jacksonville

The monument is to remember a family that was massacred by Native Americans. As the story goes, there was an issue when a section of land given to Natives Americans was also given to a family through the government.

I have grown up with this legend. My mother has plenty of stories about going to the monument with her friends and tempting to stir up some paranormal mess.  She told me that when she was younger she and her friend went out to test a myth. There was a large pentagram painted on the road leading out to the monument. The legend said if you parked on the pentagram and turn off your vehicle you wont be able to restart it. My mother and her friend did exactly that. Her friend drove her car out there. They turned off the car. Then it wouldn't start. Cops just so happen to be driving by and helped them get home, but the vehicle stayed over night. My mother's friend came back the next day to find that her start cable had broken. Coincidence?  

You can find more historical information about the monument here.

Ellerbe Road School of Caddo Parish

Ellerbe Road School opened in the 1950’s as a segregated school and at that time the school was refereed to as George Washington Carver High. There are multiple stories about this place. Some say that the principal was a devil worshiper and sacrificed children. Some say that the janitor molested children and then set a fire that killed several children. Dakota Lawrence, our in house psychic, says that there is no evidence of this story being true and it is not haunted at all.

Dakota Lawrence actually educated, The Morning Madhouse, on some local legends that we didn't know about. Check out what he had to say in the video below!

The Legend of Sallie Baker of Cotton Valley

This one is pretty dark. The story goes that  Sallie Baker would kill her husbands and her unborn children.  Then she would bury them under her home. At least, that is what this weird website says, click here to read.

The Phantom Killer of Texarkana

According to the Line Up, an unknown killer who dressed in a white mask would terrorize this town at night. The killer murdered five people. The Phantom Killer vanished without being caught. This inspired multiple of movies and legends. The Phantom Killer is the reason for the urban legend story about the couple in the car smooching on lover's lane then the man with the hook kills them. You can watch the documentary that covers the story on Netflix, the documentary is called Killer Legends.

Get this! The town hosts group watch parties in their park every year to celebrate the anniversary of the murders.

Urban Legends whether they are true or not, add to the history of a town and becomes part of its culture.


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