One of the major question marks facing the New Orleans Saints this offseason is what will they do at the backup quarterback position. Last season they traded a sixth-round pick for Teddy Bridgewater which everyone seemed to be a fan of.

However, that was just for last season and of late there has been some optimism that Bridgewater would return for the Saints in a backup role with the understanding that he would take over when Brees hangs it up.

The quarterback landscape has seemed to settle in with teams who were QB needy satisfying those needs with other options. The Denver Broncos got their man in Joe Flacco and in turn flipped Case Keenum to the Washington Redskins.

The other team that has a need at QB are the Jacksonville Jaguars who had seemed to be in line to sign Nick Foles but NFL Insider Adam Schefter said that might not be the case anymore...

So, there's a chance that the Jags are in fact very interested in Bridgewater or they're just letting Foles know that hey if your contract demands are too high we may go in a different direction...

Who knows if the interest is real or not, it's like if your significant other was getting too comfortable and you wanted to put them on notice a little bit so you go talk to someone else a little bit more making them take notice. That's what it seems like the Jags are doing by saying they're interested in Bridgewater.


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