As the philosopher Notorious B.I.G. once said, "Mo Money, Mo Problems"...

So in the world of college sports, big time college football programs usually deal with big time problems. LSU's football program is no different.

Sometimes those issues deal with coaches, but more often than not, it revolves around players. A lot of times those issues deal with improper benefits, or off field arrests, but it's not so common to hear about drug test related issues. But that's where LSU finds themselves right now.

Here's more on the Kristian Fulton story from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"Sports Illustrated reports LSU defensive back Kristian Fulton has filed an appeal to get his two-year suspension reduced in half, so he can play this season. Fulton allegedly used another person’s urine as his own in a February 2017 drug test. Fulton’s attorney says new evidence has been uncovered dealing with the handling of Fulton’s test sample."

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