Saints running back Alvin Kamara has a response for all the Michael Thomas critics out there.

Yesterday, Saints fans got the unfortunate news that star wide receiver Michael Thomas would be headed to IR and unlikely to suit up again this season. Some reports suggested that his season-ending surgery would mean we've already seen MT in a Saints uniform for the last time.

After battling injuries that have caused him to miss significant time over the last few seasons, it seems like Michael Thomas is hurt more than he's healthy for the Saints but injuries are one of those things where you kind of have to play the cards you're dealt. Let's not pretend that ration has anything to do with the hot takes, memes, and calls for the Saints to drop Thomas—some even suggesting that he's "stealing money" from the Saints.

Michael Thomas is no stranger to adversity, as we've seen him battle back from injuries, but I'd be lying if I said this news wasn't a brutal blow to a guy who wanted nothing more but to be back on the field to compete with his teammates.

It's also hard for me to buy into the hot takes that Michael Thomas is "stealing money" from the Saints, "faking injuries," or stopped performing once he got his big contract. After getting his deal, Thomas literally put up record-breaking numbers the following season.

After returning to the field at the beginning of the 2022 season, Thomas was an instant force for the Saints, dominating the game that he played against Atlanta.

Thomas responded to the news with a positive post on IG, vowing to bounce back once again.

But it was Alvin Kamara who decided to speak for Thomas earlier today while being interviewed in the Saints locker room, and his message to fans calling out Michael Thomas couldn't have been more direct.

Kamara pointed out that fans don't have any real idea of what the players go through between the days that we're lucky enough to see them do their thing on the field. He also shared a bit of inside information when it comes to Thomas wanting to be back on the field as early as last week.

The Saints' star running back did not mince words, giving us a peek into what's really going on with Michael Thomas and his injuries.

Will Thomas ever suit up for the Saints again? I'm the eternal optimist, and a huge fan of Cantguardmike, so I know my perception is skewed, to say the least.

Based on Kamara's response today, I can only hope that the Saints and Mike Thomas can work something out that keeps him in New Orleans. But in the meantime, let's not be so harsh on Mike.

All eyes on Thomas, who still thinks he "might be back."

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