New Orleans Saints fans are in a fragile spot right now.

Many of the New Orleans die-hards are still coping with the back-to-back losses of the only Super Bowl-winning Saints quarterback Drew Brees as well as the all-time greatest franchise head coach Sean Payton.

2022 was a season marred with injuries, self-inflicted mishaps, and an overall lack of discipline when it came to the basics. After putting things together to pull out a victory in Week 1, the Saints did not look like themselves for a good part of the remaining season; and by the time they did figure things out, it was still too little, too late.

So, now we're headed into an offseason where Dennis Allen will remain in the head coaching position but the Saints will have some tough decisions to make as they do their best to hold on to what worked well, and part ways with the pieces that weren't so great for the team.

Will the Saints move on from Jameis Winston after three years of him not seeing a full season at the starting quarterback position? If so, who will be under center for a Saints offense that was dismal at best last season?

Is Andy Dalton really the answer? If not, who do we go after? Will our next QB come out of the draft? Do we even have any good picks?

It seems like a recent tweak of Michael Thomas' contract signals the Saints will more than likely be moving on from the superstar receiver who has been amazing when healthy—but unfortunately, health has not been on MT's side since the first week of the 2020 season.

As you can see, it seems like the Saints have a lot more questions than answers and I haven't even scratched the surface of the Sean Payton trade situation. With this type of disarray, it makes perfect sense that some Saints fans are freaking out at Alvin Kamara's most recent IG story.

In addition to a handful of others like Taysom Hill, Cameron Jordan, and Demario Davis, Alvin Kamara has been one of the Saints players who not only give us hope but continue to play at a high level despite some of the shortcomings that surround them.

This is why a few fans were alarmed to see Kamara post a photo to his Instagram story showing his locker cleaned out. AK also dotted the photo with two shrug emojis—a pretty vague move that could literally mean anything.

While some fans may look at the shrug emojis as Kamara cleaning out his locker to possibly move on to another team, it more than likely means he's cleaning out his locker and shrugging off the disappointing season that just ended.

For what it's worth, AK just put together his 6th consecutive season of 1,300 or more all-purpose yards. Even with an all-time low in TDs for this past season, Kamara still put up impressive numbers from scrimmage—just like he has for all six seasons that he's been with the Saints.

Also, for what it's worth, Kamara recently appeared on a podcast talking about the uncharacteristic feeling of losing this season, and his tone wasn't one of someone who was pointing the finger at anyone else or blaming any outside factors for the lack of production.

In a recent episode of the 'A Suite Life' podcast Kamara really stressed accountability, and even through a challenging season, he has never once shown signs of being frustrated with the team or the Saints organization.

Perhaps the most telling sign that Kamara really loves where he's at in New Orleans is the fact that he bought a large amount of land in one of New Orleans's most notorious neighborhoods; something that tells me he will be in the 504 as long as they're willing to have him.

So, should we be worried about Kamara shipping out of New Orleans? I'm not saying it can't or won't ever happen, but a photo of his empty locker on IG isn't anything to lose sleep over.

Especially since he's probably just been too busy to clean it out sooner with everyone else.

Hats off to AK, and I'm excited to see the Saints build this offseason to put the pieces around Kamara that will maximize his potential and help us put more Ws on the board next season.

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