We all have our towns that we like to light-heartedly have a good time with. Alexandria is my town for the occasional tongue in cheek comment. The reason I chose Alexandria is because they write their own comedy.

For example, Alexandria police were called to a local business about a week ago. The caller reported a man stuck in a chimney. They said they were alerted to the man's predicament when he began to call for help. The speculation was that the man had attempted to climb down a chimney to burglarize an Alexandria business on Peterman Drive. 

Before the police arrived on the scene the gentleman in question was able to free himself from his predicament and began to throw bricks at employees of the business who had gathered to observe the situation. He then made his way to the ground and proceeded to leave the scene on foot.

Alexandria police were able to find and apprehend a suspect in the case. His name is Matthew Mobley. Mobley is 41 years old and was taken in custody on charges of burglary and aggravated assault.

Here is the kicker and this is why Alexandria is so easy to make sport of. This was Mobley's 77th arrest. You did read that correctly this guy has been busted on various crimes 76 previous times and he is still roaming the streets. So much for the three strikes law huh?

Kudos to APD for catching their man again and again and again and for shame to the legal system that keeps setting him free again and again and again.

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