Just in time for the Barksdale Air Show, the Barksdale Bubble flexed it's muscle and gave us all a nice weekend.

Look, I know we talk about the Barksdale Bubble a lot. I know we've argued back and forth on whether it exists, and more-so exactly what it is, but at this point I think it's undeniable that this bubble phenomenon exists in some way.

All last week, ahead of the highly anticipated air show, all we heard about on the news and radio is how terrible the weather is going to be. This supposed bad weather was going tok roll in Saturday and stay with us all weekend, practically ruining the air show and any other outdoor plans you may have set.

Not so fast, said the Barksdale Bubble. You should have seen it coming, there's no way Barksdale was going to allow rain on their parade, and they kicked the Bubble into overdrive so we all could enjoy a beautiful weekend.

Bravo Barksdale Bubble, we don't say thank you enough.

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