Got some brush to burn? Want to get rid of that huge hornets nest in your backyard? Love flying your drone but can't add a machine gun to it? The TF-19 Drone Flamethrower is just for you.

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Yes friends, this is a real and awesome product. The TF-19 Drone Flamethrower is from the company Throwflame which makes a variety of other flamethrowers. The XL18 will shoot up to 110 feet and is even Napalm compatible. Or if you just need a basic flame, the X15 will give you up to 50 feet of flame goodness.

But if you need the ultimate flamethrower, the TF-19 WASP is just for you. It is designed to help with burning brush, destroying a large hornets nest or whatever other creative burn activity you can think of. It can burn a continuous flame for about a minute and has a flame range of 25 feet according to Frankly, who cares about the stats, this is just freaking cool.

You can order this beast for $1,499.99 and can be attached to drones that are able to carry five pounds or more. For the promotional video above, the company used drone model DJI S1000.

I think a radio station branded flamethrower on a drone is just what we need. You know, for research purposes and stuff.

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