After any grossly negligent homicide, you have to have a funeral, right?

It turns out that's it not just Saints fans in Louisiana who are upset about the missed pass interference call during the Saints vs. Rams NFC Championship game this past Sunday, January 20, 2019. One restaurant owner in Memphis is particularly miffed.

His name is Kelly English and he owns a restaurant called The Second Line in Memphis. With a restaurant called 'The Second Line,' you know he has roots in Louisiana. Kelly was raised in Louisiana, New Orleans to be exact, and is, you guessed it, a Saints fan. He moved to Memphis originally to open Restaurant Iris and then opened The Second Line next door according to Fox News. 

So if you're not busy this Sunday, you can pay your respects to the Saints in Memphis at 4:30 pm and join me in praying that we get 'em next year!

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