Some companies have been accused of price gouging Hurricane Harvey victims, while others are stepping up to help out anyway they can. H-E-B has gone above and beyond. They donated $100,000 and sent out mobile kitchens and disaster relief units to the Texas coast. H-E-B made it possible for their customers to donate towards the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts at checkout lanes. H-E-B doesn't just have a corporate office that steps up to help, they have a leader who takes action. H-E-B's CEO Charles Butt is personally donating 5 Million dollars towards JJ Watt's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Charles Butt's 5 Million dollar check may be the biggest personal donation towards Hurricane Harvey so far. Watt had started the Houston flood relief fund with $100,000 in mind. Several celebrities have stepped up and donated. Miley Cyrus wrote a check for half a million, Drake wrote a $200,000, and New Houston Rockets' Chris Paul donated $75,000. As of Wednesday morning JJ Watt's Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund has raised over 22 Million! 18 H-E-B stores were closed due to Hurricane Harvey, instead of H-E-B counting their losses they rallied and found a way to make a difference. Clearly H-E-B has a CEO who isn't a boss, he's a leader who invests in our communities. Charles Butt, you're a hero!

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