We spend one-seventh of our lives dealing with the day we call Monday. It's not actually the day that wears on us so much as what the day represents to so many of us. It's that whole back to responsibility and schedules stuff that seems to come as a shock to our system after every weekend. It can get annoying but not as annoying as these five things.

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    Carlos Muina/Cover/Getty Images


    Wasps are the short man bullies of the animal kingdom. They are small in stature yet large in annoyance. The mere presence of a wasp in a house can send people scurrying for covers, a rolled up newspaper, or a high pressure can of chemicals. Their stings are like lightning and they really don't care who they mess with. Wasps are worse than a lady with a handful of coupons and 25 items in the express line at the grocery store.

  • CCX Media via YouTube
    CCX Media via YouTube

    The Flashing Yellow Turn Arrow

    If you don't get a chance to make it to the casinos you can always play a little game of chicken with this rather obtuse traffic signal. It means it's okay for you to turn if you feel lucky. It's the signal that says if you pull out and get hit we warned you but not enough to tell you to stop. Throw in a red light traffic camera and the random timing of the flashing yellow turn arrow you could get a ticket, killed, or both at the same intersection.

  • HP Printer Support via YouTube
    HP Printer Support via YouTube


    Whether at home, at work, at the library, or any other place where written words need to be committed to paper. You can always count on the printer to be the source of disdain and annoyance. It's almost as if these inanimate pieces of electronic equipment can sense urgency. That's when they like to stop working the most. I believe most workplace episodes of violence are actually started by printers. I believe they secretly laugh at us humans as we stand and swear over them.

  • Patrik Stollarz/Getty Images
    Patrik Stollarz/Getty Images

    Conjoined Shopping Carts

    Your trip to the market starts out simple enough. You have more than a few items to get so you need a cart. The cart you choose brings along a buddy when you go to pull it out of the line. You try to separate the two carts by pulling with all of your might but alas, they have a stronger bond between them than a politician has with your wallet. You might as well go find another cart because these two are going to be stuck together forever.

  • John Strabismus via YouTube
    John Strabismus via YouTube

    Riding With A Styrofoam Ice Chest

    It's a squeak like no other squeak. It sends out its piercing sound waves anytime your vehicle hits a bump. It's like trying to drive with a honeymoon couple in an old bed in your back seat. It is the sound of styrofoam rubbing on styrofoam. It's a sound we all know. It's a sound we all hate. We will tolerate it for long drives to the beach but only because we can't stop and throw out what's inside it.

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