My friends Geek'd Con comes to Shreveport/Bossier City but once a year.  Thankfully, it is that time of year again.  August 18th - 20th geeks will reign supreme at the Shreveport Convention Center for Geek'd Con 2017.  Lou Ferrigno, Joey Fatone, Billy West, Kelly Hu and many more stars will fill the convention center along with vendors from across the country. You do not want to miss out!

Just in case you are on the fence about purchasing a ticket.  Let me ease your fears.  A ticket to Geek'd Con is less than $30.00! If you are thinking that is more than you want to spend check out some things you may have at home or on your wish list that cost more than a ticket to Geek'd Con.

  • David Becker, Getty Images
    David Becker, Getty Images

    Amazon's Echo

    Ask Alexa what is more fun than Geek'd Con and she will reply "Nothing." Amazon's Echo is great. Who does not like ordering someone around. It makes you feel like you are living in your own episode of Downton Abby. However, living the good life comes with a price.  While the Echo is reasonably priced with prices starting at $49.99 that price is more than a ticket to Geek'd Con that comes complete with a lifetime full of memories. Hey if you want to go that route maybe Alexa will sing NSYNC to you rather than you seeing Joey Fatone up close and personal.

  • Thinkstock

    Date Night at the Movies

    A Fandango ticket to see a movie for date night can start at $10.77 per ticket and go up to $17.36 per ticket if you want the full IMAX experience. Whoever said experience was free? Since this is date night, you will need at least two tickets maybe more depending on your lifestyle (we are not judging). That means you could spend up to $35.00 on two tickets alone!  After spending that you enter the building only to be hit by the delicious smell of popcorn and the chill of a nice cold Coke in the air.  Now you are spending even more money. Don't say we didn't tell you to take her to Geek'd Con.

  • Chris Graythen , Getty Images
    Chris Graythen , Getty Images

    LSU Football Tickets

    This one is pretty obvious. You have to know that you are going to spend more than $30.00 for a ticket to see the purple and gold take the field.  We agree that the price of $40.00 plus is worth it to watch a game at Death Valley. We also know that the price for a ticket to Geek'd Con is more than worth what you are going to get. Where else can you see the original Incredible Hulk?

  • Bettea via Amazon
    Bettea via Amazon

    Pool Float

    You cannot go to a pool party these days with a lame pool noodle or worse empty handed.  The summer of 2017 has been the summer of the Pool Float!  Every pool party has been complete with a unicorn or pretzel float to drift around the pool while you soak up the sun on a lazy summer day.  If you want this awesome pizza pool float, it is going to cost you $35.00 on Amazon. Yep, sweating on piece of plastic never cost so much.  For less than that you could spend your weekend enjoying the air conditioning in the Shreveport Convention Center during Geek'd Con. The choice is yours.

  • Universal Studios
    Universal Studios

    Being a Bridesmaid

    This one is for my girls who have been champs through wedding season. You know who you are. You have attended shower after shower, spent more time at Bed Bath and Beyond than you care to admit, gone to multiple fittings and listened to endless conversations on flowers and honeymoons. You ladies are the real MVPs. Why not take some time for yourself?  Ditch the wedding talk and the drain on your bank account and join us at Geek'd Con. We hope to see you there!

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