The Royal Rumble is traditionally the 2nd best event on the WWE calendar annually. You always get surprise appearances, amazing matches and career defining moments. And with the 30th annual Royal Rumble just weeks away in San Antonio, here is my list of the 5 greatest moments in Royal Rumble history.

5) Rock v Mankind - I Quit Match

Ok...this is one of the most brutal and vicious matches in wrestling history. This match was one of the focal points of the wrestling documentary 'Beyond the Mat'. I'm literally watching the match and trying to write a description...and I just have no words. What I do know is that we'll never see another match even remotely close to this at any major promotion in the world.

4) Edge Returns in 2010 Rumble

The 2010 Royal Rumble was filled with a lot of moments. You had CM Punk delivering an in ring Straight Edge Society promo while wrestling and converting people in the Rumble match. But, obviously, the biggest moment of the night was when Edge made his surprise return after blowing out his Achilles. Oh yeah...he won the Rumble and went on to win the Championship before retiring in 2011.

3) Ric Flair win Championship by winning the 92 Rumble. 

Last year, the WWE try to sell the fact that nobody has ever won the WWE title by winning the Royal Rumble match...which just wasn't true. Back in 1992, Ric Flair won the vacant Championship by surviving 30 other Superstars and winning the Rumble match. Also a little factoid, after being in WCW forever, this was his first major appearance and major belt win in WWE. And ON TOP OF that, Flair entered the Rumble at 3.

2) Cena makes a surprise return to Win 08 Rumble 

Look, say what you want about Cena, but the guy is kind of amazing. He literally carried the WWE on his back while they were experiencing a severe lack of talent. He has put on some amazing matches. And he had one of the GREATEST returns in WWE history when he was a surprise entrant in 2008. Hard to believe there was a time the fans didn't hate Cena's guts.

1) Shawn Michaels Wins Back To Back Rumbles

Ok...this is HUGE for multiple reasons. So huge, it spanned 2 years. HBK was the first person to ever win the Rumble from the #1 spot in 95. Which was touted as one of the most impressive accomplishments ever at the time. The next year, Michaels returned at the 1996 Royal Rumble from injury, entered at 18, won and went on to win his first WWE Championship in the first ever 60 minute Iron Man Match in WWE against Bret Hart. And that led to one of the most bitter (both in ring and out) in wrestling history. These moments that stem from HBK's Rumble victories not only hold significance in Michaels personal history but in wrestling history as well.

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