Easter on the River is right around the corner -- April 12. Prepare yourself for a day full of family fun with this list of some of the awesome stuff you'll get to do at Stoner Park.

  • 1

    Easter Egg Hunt

    Remember those fun Easter Egg hunts you used to have in your backyard? Now, imagine 20,000 Easter Eggs hidden throughout Stoner Park.

  • 2

    Bounce Houses

    Kids are normally bouncing off the walls before eating Easter candy. Thankfully, we have something for them at Easter on the River: inflatable bounce houses!

  • 3

    Kid's Zip Line

    Fly through the air over Stoner Park and you might just notice some super-secret Easter Egg hiding areas. At the least you'll have an awesome view of the Red River.

  • 4

    Scrumptious Food

    If you're looking to steer clear of sweets, there will be plenty of tasty dishes to munch on at Easter on the River.

  • 5

    Climb the Rock Wall

    How strong are you? Prove it by scaling the massive* rock wall that would make the Easter Bunny's jaw drop.

    *Massive if you're a small child.

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