As we get closer to the yearly celebration of our love, more and more folks who wait until the last minute to plan the romance are freaking out.  The time to make reservations has come and gone.  At this point you'd be lucky to find an empty table at Whataburger (the most romantic of all the burger places in my humble opinion) let alone a cozy, candle lit table at a fine dining restaurant.

Not to worry my lovesick friend!  According to a recent survey conducted by FOX News, you'd be better off focusing on a little home made romance.  While it's technically true that the majority of folks celebrating Valentine's Day prefer to go out (51%), a close second (49%) would rather stay in for a private dinner with their sweetie.  Once you delve deeper into the data, it's easy to see that you have nothing to sweat.

Regardless of whether they planned to stay in or go out, 41% of people that responded to the poll said they wanted pizza more than any other food for their romantic dinner.  Pizza is by far the most popular dish - with fried chicken (20%), barbecue (19%) or tacos (18%) following behind.   22% said that they would be perfectly happy with an entire meal made out of dessert - and if ever there was a time to indulge, it's this Friday.

See!  Just grab a table cloth and some candles, order pizza delivery, and relax!  This is going to be the easiest and most romantic Valentines Day ever!

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