Despite Amazon's efforts, some things in life won't simply show up on your doorstep in two days.

We live in a pretty incredible time, don't we? Because of things like Amazon we don't have to live without and with Amazon Prime we don't have to live without for very long. When you order through Amazon Prime, you can expect your product to be on your doorstep just two days later.

Don't you wish everything in life could be like that?

Sadly, there are still things you have to work for in life. Things that don't just magically appear. The word "effort" is still very much a part of our vocabulary, especially for these three things.

Happily Ever After

Catherine Yeulet, ThinkStock Images

We all want that forever kind of love in our lives. The love that finds you waking up next to the same person every single morning until the day you leave this earth. Love is beautiful, but it also takes work. Couples that make it across that finish line forgive, sacrifice, and commit to it. Now, once you're in this love it may feel like a lifetime passed in just two Amazon days, but it was so much longer. On the other side of that coin, this kind of love is worth searching and waiting for.

The Dream Job

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Go ahead and order that dream job right out of college. Let's see if it just shows up after two days. Ever heard of the phrase "paying your dues"? Everyone goes through that phase of doing the grunt work in order to get to that corner office. It teaches true grit in the workforce, but also makes you respectable once you do reach your summit. The sooner you embrace where you're at and do your best at it, the happier you'll be.

Your Summer Bod

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Sure, you can get your swimsuit delivered to your door in two days, but the bod may take a bit longer. There's no such things as a quick fix in fitness. If you're serious about taking care of yourself or slimming down, it's a slow burn. It takes dedication over a long period of time and if you're looking to sustain it, it's a complete lifestyle change. The warmer months are upon us and those watering holes are calling our name, but no magical potion or miracle pill is going to bring perfection in two days. We're pretty sure this girl's tan didn't arrive in just two days either.

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