Bullying is a major issue in schools today, and we all know it.  Every good parent and teacher is dealing with instructing our kids how to deal with and not to become bullies. The last place you expect to see this coming from is the front of the class, and yet here we are.

The two teachers from Washington Elementary School in St. Landry Parish pictured above are Tracy Gallow (left), and Ann Marie Shelvin (right). According to WAFB, Shelvin was arrested after allegations of bullying were made by the student's mother on multiple occasions to the school and the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office.  The allegations claim that Shelvin was not only verbally abusive to the victim, but also threatened other students that refused to join in on the bulllying.  One student claimed she was forced to bully the 11-year-old by Shelvin by starting a fight.  Shelvin is also being accused of telling the victim to "go and kill herself."  She was escorted off of school property on April 24th.

That's when Tracy Gallow stepped in to replace Shelvin in the classroom.  Investigators say that's when the bullying became physical.  On 2 separate occasions Gallow was reported to have shoved the student into the gym bleachers in an attempt to keep her from leaving the gym.



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